Friends Vs Best Friends | Basit Ali SE & Waleed Jamshaid

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Friends Vs Best Friends | Basit Ali SE & Waleed Jamshaid


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Making friends is one of the most essential aspects of life. Though there are family members to support at every point of life, the need for friends and best friends cannot be undermined. A successful friendship is the result of mutual understanding and an equal contribution from both sides, be it material or immaterial as per the circumstances. Still, people consider it important to make best friends even in the presence of other friends.

The main difference between a friend and a best friend is that the former is not as close to the person as the latter. This implies that though each friend is important, a best friend is held in high spirits throughout life. While friends might change as per needs, a best friend remains constant in most cases.

Basically, a normal friend can be considered as a weak-rooted tree that might stumble upon when the weather gets rough. Though a friend might not live up to the set standards each time, making friends from time to time helps a person in socializing in an easier way. All friends might not be alike in terms of personality and wisdom.

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