Mehrunisa V Lub U 2017

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Mehrunisa V Lub U 2017 Film Budget, Box Office, Verdict, Release Date, Detail (Directed by, Starring by, Writer) and Story Overview

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  • Budget: 4 Crore
  • Box Office: 17.2 Crore
  • Box Office Verdict: Hit
  • Release Date: 26 June 2017
  • Directed by: Yasir Nawaz
  • Starring by: Sana Javed, Danish Taimoor, Javed Sheikh
  • Writer: Yasir Nawaz

Movie Overview

Ali, a youthful Pakistani, comes back from China to Karachi with presents for his loved ones. He is enamored with his youth smash Mehru, the little girl of his dad’s companion, and a marriage coalition is made between their families. Then, Marzi, a nearby transgender wear, tries to purchase out the area in a plan with a legislator to benefit from foreseen Chinese advancement in the territory. Love birds Ali and Mehru can’t imagine a youngster. A specialist recommends that pressure could be the explanation, as Mehru has been not able to conform to the city lack of sanitization and fears wrongdoing. Ali chooses to give her stay at her dad’s home access the nation, while choosing to improve his neighborhood by changing the mentalities of its occupants.

With his confided in companion Jani, Ali sets to persuading the network to improve their neighborhood. Some are safe yet early advancement persuades them to keep the streets and structures clean, if just as an exterior. Mehru understands that Ali’s neighbors are acceptable individuals, and the rejuvenation prompts a news broadcast of monetary development and money related security. Edgy to deal with the square, Marzi rents a condo and attempts to make issue with his goons. The legislator hijacks Mehru and requests Rs 3 crore (30 million rupees) deliver from Ali. To collect the cash, his neighbors offer their lofts to Marzi for a unimportant Rs 10 lakhs (1 million rupees). Understanding the plan, Ali and his companions salvage Mehru while the lawmaker is holding a question and answer session, and open his offenses to the media. Some time later, Ali and Mehru welcome their infant to a sheltered and clean neighborhood.

Reviews of the film were blended. Rafay Mahmood of The Express Tribune appraised the film 3.5 out of 5. Fatima Awan of Review it appraised it 2 out of 5. The recording started in Karachi in late 2016, at that point moved to northern Pakistan. The film was shot in a range of 45 days.

Yasir Nawaz has given us another engaging film after Wrong No. The film is a finished bundle of satire, sentiment and activity. It gives an important message toward the end. Areas and camera work is lovely. Tunes are decent yet the movement could have been something more. By and large, the film is astonishing.

Mehrunisa V Lub U 2017 Pakistani Movie Poster
Mehrunisa V Lub U 2017 Pakistani Movie Screenshot
Mehrunisa V Lub U 2017 Pakistani Movie Poster
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