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Verna 2017 Film Budget, Box Office, Verdict, Release Date, Detail (Directed by, Starring by, Writer) and Story Overview

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  • Budget: 5 Crore
  • Box Office: 9.35 Crore
  • Box Office Verdict: Hit
  • Release Date: 17 November 2017
  • Directed by: Shoaib Mansoor
  • Starring by: Haroon Shahid, Mahira Khan
  • Writer: Shoaib Mansoor

Movie Overview

Verna is an account of an upbeat couple, Sara and Aami, an incapacitated man. Sara and Aami were getting a charge out of an incredible time at the recreation center with Aami’s sister, Mahgul. While at the recreation center, a dark SUV stops and the men inside the SUV endeavor to take Mahgul away. In any case, to secure her, Sara goes herself. after 3 days, the men drop her to her home. Sara reveals to her family she was assaulted and implores them to tell the police, however they don’t realized anything will occur and remain quiet. Sara reveals to them that remaining quiet won’t help. The attacker continues sending endowments to Sara and advising her to leave the crippled man and wed him. Aami takes Sara’s circumstance in an incorrect manner, and their marriage begins to self-destruct. Sara advises Aami to disregard her for a few days. Sara converses with her companion, who is a legal counselor. Together, they attempt to settle this instance of getting her equity.

After an arrangement of occasions, Sara calls her attacker and requests to meet him. They get together and inevitably, she goes on “a date” with the attacker named Sultan. She discovers from seeing pictures at his home that Sultan is the child of the Governor, who is running for the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The purpose behind Sara’s assault is discovered. It flashes back to when the Governor was visiting a school, which hindered a few streets, one which Aami, Sara, and Mahgul were on. They were en route to the recreation center, yet Sara became irritated and went up the senator saying, “This is unreasonable how you are obstructing the streets. We aren’t your workers.” This maddened the Governor, which prompts the assault. Utilizing proof, Sara carries this case to court. In any case, with the intensity of filthy governmental issues, Sultan obliterates proof. Sara and her family are undermined and paid off by Sultan’s family and his political accomplices to leave to Dubai or else things will get awful. Notwithstanding the weight, they choose to remain.

At some point, Sara’s father ends it all in the storm cellar and apologizes to the family, accepting he was a disrespect. Sara’s mother escapes to America. Sara loses control of this. This prompted Aami and her rejoining after Aami comprehends what an assault unfortunate casualty needs to experience. Sara, Mahgul, and Aami sneak into Sultan’s habitation. While he is on his vessel, Aami swims and hits him with a bat. Sultan goes oblivious and gets hauled to shore to be grabbed by Sara. They lock him up alongside Sara’s father. At the point when Sultan picks up cognizance, Sara secures him a coffin. A succession of occasions prompts Sultan getting no opportunity to get away. Sara utilizes Sultan’s voice and messages from his telephone that he is embarrassed about what he did and he escapes. Sultan is caught in the cellar till death. Sara at long last gets her own equity, despite the fact that nobody else helped her. Sara and Aami then go on a get-away together cheerfully toward the end.

It was intended to shoot a few scenes in northern regions of Pakistan and some in European nations, yet because of a ton of cost-cutting the whole film was shot in Islamabad and environment (for the most part at the home of Mr. Sajjad Hamid Shigri in suburbia of Islamabad).

On 14 November, the Central Board of Film Censors expressed, “The general plot of the film spins around assault, which we consider to be inadmissible.” They said the film would be for all time prohibited, if the movie producers didn’t claim.[29] The Lahore and Karachi debuts were likewise dropped formally. On 17 November, the film cleared the blue pencil sheets and released according to plan with no edits.

Punjab Nahi Jaungi 2017 Pakistani Movie Poster
Punjab Nahi Jaungi 2017 Pakistani Movie Poster
Punjab Nahi Jaungi 2017 Pakistani Movie Poster
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