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bilal jani official tiktoker


Born: 16 August 1995, Lahore, Pakistan

Instagram: bilaljaniofficial

Tiktok: bilaljani5

Snack Video: bilaljaniofficial

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bilal jani official tiktoker

Pakistani Tiktoker, Bilal Jani, is a top influencer on Instagram and TikTok. Bilal’s followers love his looks and comic talent. His lip-sync and musical videos have catapulted him to social media’s hall of fame and earned him the Crowned Muser title. He also owns an Instagram handle which gets immense engagement. He is a brand influencer on Instagram for many fashion brands. His followers love his entertaining videos and strong acting skills.

bilal jani official tiktoker

Bilal Jani with all of the other famous tiktokers of Pakistan is famous because of his unbeatable content. He is famous for making dashing videos, mostly. His domain is to entertain people and by his followers, we can clearly say that he is a good entertainer. Bilal is famous for his magnetic and charismatic looks. He is also known as “cool” and “model’. The best thing about him is, he maintains the cool and model attitude in every video. In addition, due to his intense looks on Tik Tok, he went viral on Instagram and Snapchat, too.

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