Tevar 2019

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Tevar 2019 Film Budget, Box Office, Verdict, Release Date, Detail (Directed by, Starring by, Writer) and Story Overview

tevar Pakistani Movie Poster


  • Budget: — Crore
  • Box Office: 7.6 Crore
  • Box Office Verdict:
  • Release Date: 26 July 2019
  • Directed by: Abu Aleeha
  • Starring by: Sukynah Khan, Taqi Ahmed, Mathira, Sharique Mahmood, Akbar Subhani
  • Writer: Abu Aleeha

Movie Overview

Creation of this film began with the name “Arifa”. In any case, director of the movie has changed the name to Tevar before its discharge. The account of Tevar rotates around the philosophy of a lady’s quality. Keep in mind the intensity of a lady, she is an enigma which can never be comprehended. Sharique Mahmood was really given a role as the legend for this film, however he needed to be the villian as he suspected he could truly flaunt his ability which is especially unmistakable in the film.

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